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  • You know that any accident in any model of gyroplane dents the reputation of the gyroplane community as a whole, and the reputation significantly affects future business.
  • It is in your interest to specify a minimum level of training for people who want to be pilots of your aircraft to ensure that they are safe. We can help you do that.
  • You can licence our training courses, our technology and our processes and brand them to use them as your own, this will save you a significant amount of effort.
  • You can host and encourage your pilots, instructors and dealers to participate in the Best Practice Challenge and a Best Practice Symposium.
  • You can sponsor the development of new courses and pilot initiatives.
  • It would be really good if we had definitive statistics that compared the long term accident rate of pilots who use our processes with those who dont. But.. the processes are too new to have any long term results and we cant get accurate figures for accidents that happen to pilots that we dont know.
  • We do analyse the accidents that we know about. We use our own network to try and talk to the pilots and the instructors to find lessons learned. From these lessons we update Best Practice and communicate it through our various channels.
  • Where we have updated training techniques, we have seen a reduction in specific types of accidents.
  • We also know that Standardisation is a proven method of reducing accidents in aviation. Organisations like ICAO and EASA have a strong background in standardisation. Whilst we are outside the direct remit of these organisations at present, we can follow their guidlines voluntarily.
  • We are referring to organisations like the PRA, ASRA, BRA, AOPA etc
  • We are NOT trying to compete with other organisations that are involved with gyroplanes. In fact the opposite is true, we are trying to enhance what they can deliver to their members by providing training material and technology that they do not have the time of the money to build themselves.
  • We all have the same objective - to reduce gyroplane accidents. Committee members are usually voluntary and they have a lot of committments on their time. People in each country spend a lot of time (re)inventing the same thing. If we work together we can collectively save ourselves a lot of effort.
  • We want to help these organisations strenghen their own brands, thats why we can create branded versions of the Gyropedia. We have one set of data but it integrates into other organisations websites.
  • Absolutely!
  • We are all about sharing what we know to save people time. We have spent a lot of time writing regulation, training courses and training material.
  • If gyroplane regulation in your country is still in its infancy, please contact us and let us help you get gyroplanes flying as soon as possible.
  • If you already have "Version 1" of your gyroplane regulation but you are embarking on a project to bring it up to date, please contact us, we can save you a lot of time and (duplicated) effort.

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