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  • If you use the training material in the gyropedia in conjunction with the training being done with your instructor, you will learn quicker and cheaper. You are also less likely to have gaps in your knowledge.
  • You will know exactly what skills you have learned, and the skills you have yet to master. This means you know what you still have left to achieve.
  • The books contain most of the explanations in the gyropedia.
  • The Gyropedia contains videos, question banks and animated interactive computer graphics, so they bring the written text to life!
  • A book will only be as up to date as the date it was printed, the electronic version will always be the most up to date.
  • There is certainly a lot of commonality between a gyroplane, a fixed wing aircraft and a helicopter but there are also a lot of differenes.
  • It is really important that you learn and absorb the differences as it is these difference that catch pilots out.
  • In many ways it can be more difficult for a pilot to unlearn the skills that not appropriate when flying a gyroplane than someone learning with no prior aviation knowledge.
  • Not at all. You can use the Gyropedia to records your training progress, assess yourself against the Best Practice criteria and read the training material even if your instructor is not a member.

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