The GyropediaTM

Online Training for Gyroplane Pilots and Instructors

We have created a Web Portal called The GyropediaTM

The Gyropedia delivers online training material to support all our core Gyroplane Pilot and Gyroplane Instructor training courses and our ongoing Pilot Development and Instructor Development processes.

  • The training material is cross referenced to the different worldwide training syllabus so it can be used in every country - Worldwide.
  • Pilot training material is available to our members who subscribe as a Full Member of the Association.
  • Instructor and advanced courses are available as 'bolt on' upgrades.
  • All the courses have a Free Trial, register on this website for a free preview.

What is Available?

The initial list of courses is automatically configured for the country in which the training is taking place and the level of experience of the user.

Online training material is available for:

All the text can be translated into local languages, updated on demand and instantly available to others. Videos can be subtitled in any language.

The Pilot Training Course

The Pilot Training Course contains all the training material to teach a person to fly a gyroplane. It is available as the International Standard Lesson Structure or by the syllabus of each participating country

The Pilot Training Course includes:

Study Guides

Interactive Graphics


Inflight Videos

Lesson Summaries

Question Banks

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The Instructor Training Course

In addition to all the elements of the PIlot Training Course, the Instructor Training Course includes:

Instructor Study Guides

Train the Trainer Videos

Lesson Quickstart Guides

Explanation Keypoint Checklists

Explanation Template Whiteboard Layouts

Powerpoint Style Presentations

Flight Reference Cards

Student Progress Assessment Criteria