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Contact Experienced Instructors Worldwide

Use Web Conferencing to Learn from Others

We have learned that the Internet is making the world a smaller place. You are no longer constrained by country boundaries in your quest for gyroplane knowledge.

We know that a huge number of gyroplane pilots and students live in remote areas and do not have a local instructor to consult.

  • We have created a facility for you to link to experienced instructors all over the world.

One to One Training Sessions

Instructors offer their training services via Skype (or equivalent).

This can be used

  • for explaining specific topics about gyroplanes as part of one of our structured training courses
  • as a question and answer session on any gyroplane related topic
  • for any topic on this website.

You can ask for specific instructors, who operate to the international standard, otherwise the duty instructor will contact you.

If you would like to book an online one-to-one training session then please contact us using the form below.


  • Depending upon the topics and the expected durations of the calls, we may ask you to pay for the instructor's time. We will agree this with you before we schedule the call, the first call is usually free.
  • If you are a gyroplane instructor and you would like to offer this service internationally then please contact us and we will add you to our list.

Group Webinars

With the latest internet technology there are options to join 'virtual' classes. These are called Webinars and they are live streaming of classroom courses direct to your computer screen.

  • You can ask questions of the host and interact with the class, all you need is a good Internet connection.

We only send out webinar invites to members who express an interest in using this techology, therefore if you wish to be included in the webinar program we ask you to register your interest. This can be general interest or specific topics.

Register Your Interest in Webinars


If you don't want to chat face to face but you have questions about gyroplanes, contact us. and we will ask an instructor to answer them.