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Flying involves a certain amount of administration. Failure to keep up to date can mean you are flying illegally usually without you even realising it. If you are flying illegally you wont be covered by insurance.

Medical expiry dates, licence revalidations, service and maintenance intervals are important, and you need to keep a log of all your flying.

  • We have created simple web tools that make it really easy to keep you up to date. These tools are included in the Gyropedia web portal.
  • Additionally, for Student Pilots and Instructors there is a really simple and effective training records system. You both know what's left to do, and you know how your training compares to Best Practice.

These tools in the Gyropedia are completely free to use, simply register on this website.

The Pilot Toolkit

These tools are really simple, but they are really effective.

Reminders of key dates relating to your pilots licence and your gyroplane.

  • Reminders are automatically emailed to you in advance of expiry and highlighted whenever your are planning to fly.
  • Automatic notification of the 90 day rule for carrying passengers
  • A record of your own decision when to have a check flight with an instructor.
  • Specifying the weather limits matching your personal experience.

Your personal pilots logbook, printable cross referenced to the training syllabus of any participating country.

  • This makes it significantly easier to apply for a pilots licence in different countries.

Access to the latest flight handbook for your model of gyroplane (uploaded by manufacturers).

  • Your gyroplane logbook is automatically updated from your flight records, triggering the servicing and maintenance reminders.

These tools are free. If you are a pilot, register on the website and get started.

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The Student Pilot Training Notes

When you are learning to fly, you will want to know what you have to do to complete the course and obtain your pilot's licence.

  • The Gyropedia contains a very simple progress bar showing percentage of skills you have been taught, and the perceptage of skills you have mastered.

This is subdivided into the main stages of a gyroplane flight...

... and into each skill which is electronically signed off by your instructor.

The same progress can be viewed in the syllabus of any participating country.

Both Students Pilot and Instructors are encouraged to take brief notes to detail areas requiring special attention. These notes are available to both students and instructors and, where the student agrees, they can be shared with other instructors even in different countries.

These tools are free. If you are a pilot, register on the website and get started.

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The Gyroplane Instructor Student Record Toolkit

The Gyropedia contains a student record system.

  • As well as current students, it keeps you informed when pilots you have previously trained are flying.

This is a key aspect of the Pilot Development Program and it happens without intervention from the instructor.

Entering training records is so simple.

Step 1 : Enter the details of the flight, select the training syllabus.

Step 2 : Tick the lessons taught.

Step 3 : Tick the skills mastered.

Optionally, type free-format notes.

These tools are free. If you are a pilot or an instructor, register on the website and get started.

  • Although the process works best if both the instructor and the student are participating, training notes can be entered even if only the pilot or the instructor are participating.

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