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Realtime Online Flight Schedule

Free Technology to Enhance the Image of Gyroplane Training

We want gyroplane training to be the aspiration of all other forms of aviation, so we want to enhance our image.

One of the core elements of the Gyropedia is the logging of flights. This helps pilots with pre-flight planning as described in the toolkit and it automatically maintains both the pilot's and the aircraft's logbooks.

Flights can be added retrospectively, but they can also be added in real time.

We recommend that you "Book Out" using the Gyropedia when you are initially planning your flight.When you are about to depart, call up the flight using the Gyropedia on your smartphone and click the Depart Now button.

When you land, click the Arrive Now button.

That's it, your logbooks have been updated.

You can opt to show your flights on a "departure board" for your flying school or airfield so that people on the ground know when to expect you to return to land.

Simply type the following and click GO.


Here is a live link

If you mount computer screens to the wall, you can have a live departure board for all your flights. You can also embed the contents into your website. We also have links for local weather, weather stations and webcams. Contact Us for details.

This is really easy to achieve, people find it fun, it enhances your flying school reception and it is all completely free.

If you would like to know more about this technology, please contact us.

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